Wv Core Coursework Transfer Agreement


When choosing a transfer facility, it is important to review the current list of articulation agreements with the CTC blue ridge. This event is a great opportunity for you to discuss the transfer options available to you after graduation at Blue Ridge CTC. With these steps and guidelines, you will be on your way to a successful transfer from CTC Blue Ridge to the four-year facility of your choice. “We were able to view the students` transcripts on site when they stopped. It was helpful to have them in front of us when we explained the core program and prerequisites. When acquiring an Associate degree at the Ridge, many resources are available for a successful transfer to a four-year institution. “I found this Transfer Expo very successful. The students were proactive and engaged. Visit a CTC blue ridge transfer exhibition with the transfer program representative each fall and spring semester. Representatives of the participating transfer institutions are eager to discuss with the students the possibilities of Abitur.

“Most students knew exactly when they were changing programs of study and what program of study they wanted.” The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) has put in place a process and format that allows students moving from one college or state university to another to transfer core courses that count towards meeting the general requirements of studying at host institutions. Under the terms of the agreement, a student may transfer up to thirty-five (35) credit hours in English composition, communication and literature, mathematics, science and social sciences as general courses. The agreement specifies the class hours that are acceptable for transmission and that count towards meeting the general requirements of the study. Since courses are generally transferable between West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission institutions and the Community and Technical College System, a student could potentially transfer more than thirty-five (35) hours of general student loans from one institution to another (which are provided for in this agreement). The Agreement is not intended to limit the number of Credits transferred. Its purpose is to ensure that students will be able to transfer credits in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Acceptable core course hours to meet the general requirements of the study are as follows: After reviewing the transfer articulation list and web resources, the next step is to discuss your plans with a blue ridge CTC academic advisor and a representative of the transfer program at the selected institution. For more information, see the joint contact list. Responses from individuals representing transfer universities participating in the transfer fair include: For a complete list of courses for state colleges and universities included in this agreement, contact the Enrollment Services Center.

In addition to these worksheets, you can find more information on our Frequently Asked Questions page. West Virginia Core Coursework Transfer Agreement Choosing a Four-Year Transfer Institution Preparing for Transfer to a Four-Year Institution Once you`ve met with a four-year academic admissions counselor, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for useful information about transfer policy and the transfer assessment system for a list of courses related to specific bachelor`s degree institutions. “The students and I had good conversations. They wanted to know more about our online course accessibility programs. I even had a few teachers who came looking for information. Start at Blue Ridge, then hop up to another university to continue your journey to success! “It was nice to have the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with interested students. Here are the WLU courses that have been approved for inclusion in the core course agreement: “It was good for me to hear from the students` perspective where they want to go in their nursing careers and what we can do as a university to help them get there. For more information, please contact your local consultant. .

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