Verizon Cell Phone Installment Agreement


Customers should be aware that a temperamental contract is required to purchase a device as part of the device`s payment program. Payment customers of the device must also accept Verizon Wireless customers` agreement, their call plan and other important conditions. When you sign up for Postpay Service, you agree to subscribe to a service line either on a monthly basis or for a minimum term of the contract, as shown on your receipt or order confirmation. (If your service is suspended without billing or at a reduced billing rate, this time does not count for the conclusion of your contract.) Once you have completed your contract, you will automatically be a customer for this service line from month to month. If your service line has a contract term and you terminate this line or if we cancel it for a good reason, you will have to pay an early termination fee during this contract term. If your contract term results from the purchase of an advanced device, your early termination fee is $350, which will decrease by $10 per month after the close of months 7-17, 18-22 and $60 at the end of the 23rd month, $10 per month, $20 per month and $0 after the contract is concluded. For other terms of the contract, your early termination fee is $175 which, after the closing of the 7-17 months, will decrease by $5 per month after the closing of the 18-22 months, $30 at the end of the 23rd month, $5 per month and $0 after the conclusion of your contract. Cancellations will take effect on the last day of this month`s billing cycle and you will be responsible for all costs incurred to date. If you purchased your wireless device from an authorized agent or a third party, you should check to see if there are any separate termination fees.

If a mobile phone number is separated from an active payment contract, the remaining balance of that agreement will be due on the next invoice. By using the Service, you accept any provision of this Agreement, whether you have read it or not. This contract also applies to all lines in your account and to all those who use your service. No, the only exceptions to the payment of additional payments are when paying 100% of your device payment balance, or if customers are on payment agreements before 31.05.15, they can make the necessary payment to complete the upgrade. Can a customer add insurance or other protection options for a device purchased as part of a payment contract? Will Verizon`s return and exchange terms and a one-year warranty apply to devices purchased under an equipment payment contract? If you are a prepaid customer, you can replenish your balance at any time before the expiry date by providing us with another payment. If you manage a prepaid account, it must not exceed $1,000 and you may be prevented from replenishing when your balance reaches $1,000. We can apply your payments to any amount you owe us if your previous account filling payments have been cancelled. If you do not have enough credits in your account to cover your service and sufficient funds are not added within 60 days, your account will be terminated and unused balances will expire.

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