Uft Doe Agreement


● Teacher programs that do not comply with the DOE-UFT agreement on class schedules and sizes must be changed, unless the school chapter agrees with the curriculum as agreed by a school-based option (SBO). In some cases, the UFT Superintendent and District Representative or District Representative and Executive Superintendent can assist principals and chapter heads in finding common ground on these issues. Live streaming is a person`s choice and should not be included in an SBO proposal. Schools are now allowed to take over teachers` schedules and allowances that do not exactly match the union`s prior agreement. This agreement was almost impossible for many schools to meet. In a reversal of the Department of Education`s policy, New York educators are now allowed to work remotely when teaching students learning from home, according to a new agreement reached Friday between the city and the teachers` union. Also included in the agreement: parent-teacher conferences are held online unless a personal meeting is requested. These accommodations are only considered in schools which, under the agreement, are to occupy more full-time apprenticeship positions. Mark Cannizzaro, president of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, the union that represents school principals, was furious that the education department did not inform principals of the arrangement, with many details of teachers learning in their schools on Friday nights. Excuse me, I will call you in June.

That`s enough. I`m really happy for my colleagues who might now be able to work remotely and make their families safer, but I`m also angry because the recent UFT deal marginalizes all those who are single and healthy. It`s as if the UFT has accepted that some of us deserve to be safer than others because we don`t have certain types of relationships. If the building is not safe enough to be fully occupied (medical accommodations aside, then they are not safe enough for anyone, including children. Am I the only one who thinks that? The UFT has again abandoned a large part of its voters….

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