Transportation Broker Agent Agreement


To help you find the right partner that benefits your freight agent business, here are eight key questions to ask a brokerage and its agent program: A brokerage partner with an extensive network of contract truck fleets is obviously an asset to your business. However, a brokerage with low standards for the types of carriers it works with can be a burden. If you select a company you want to work with, you must ask yourself the guidelines and criteria applicable to related airlines. A company that has consistent security and assurance standards and focuses on reducing the risk of shipments will benefit your freight agents and customers. If you enter into a freight agent agreement, you need to know what the company offers you to become a productive agent. To avoid entering into an agent agreement with an unethical company, a few pointed questions are needed about how a broker handles customer service and carrier relationships. Look for a company that pays its carriers in 10 days or less and puts a premium on meeting shippers` transportation needs….

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