The Four Agreements Length


This is a brilliant book with excellent audio output. It describes four simple agreements you can make with yourself, which allow you to increase your control over how you live your life: 1) Be blameless with your word; 2) Don`t take anything personally; 3) Don`t make assumptions; 4) Always do your best. It doesn`t mean simple! Don Miguel`s book helps the reader to have the power of these agreements and to use them. Reading Peter Coyotes is a pleasure that supports the learning process. It is a timeless work that can be constantly referred to. I found the four chords even more powerful than Stephen Covey`s seven customs, which was not the case. And just like the Seven Habits, the Four Chords are powerful in every aspect of your life, including family, work, and leisure. The fourth agreement allows readers to better understand the progress made in achieving their life goals. This agreement implies the integration of the first three agreements into daily life and the full potential of exploitation. [8] It`s about doing what`s best to manage individually, which is different from the different situations and circumstances the individual may face. Ruiz believes that if you avoid self-judgment and do his best at every given moment, he will be able to avoid regrets. [10] By integrating the first three chords and giving the best of themselves in all facets of life, the individual will be able to lead a life free of sadness and self-extinction.

[10] The four agreements are delivered in a way that is easy to understand and applicable to everyday life. The concept of life in a dream is also easy to assimilate. The only concerns I had were the last 11 minutes when he gives a “Christian” prayer that sounds totally contradictory to the Tolèque wisdom given in the rest of the book. This end made me doubt the credibility of the authors. I recommend listening until prayer, then stop and you will be satisfied with the wisdom of the Toltec tradition. It`s a wonderful book. If you really listen and take it on board, it has the potential to change your life (and the people around you) for the best it can be. Simple ideas, but so much meaning. Peter Coyote tells it beautifully and the length is perfect for conveying the message briefly and concisely while allowing you to record his wonderful messages. I don`t recommend it enough. It`s not common for me to get a “buzz” from a book, but I`m buzzing now. Do yourself a favor.

This book is a little Woo Woo, not bashing at all, but I could see how hard it is to get by for someone who doesn`t agree with this stuff. The basis of the four agreements is strong and so important. Beyond the Woo Woo New Agey Tone of the book are four tenants who are so important and vital to success personally and professionally. The four chords are simple and easy to follow and will serve you well in life. Our personal power is based on the agreements we make and we often make those deals to please others instead of being true to ourselves. In doing so, we surrender our personal strength. The four chords aim to regain our personal power by being authentic and clinging to our true self. The four chords are: 1) Be blameless in your word, 2) Don`t take anything personally, 3) don`t make assumptions, and 4) keep doing your best.

These agreements are simple, but far from simple. Ruiz encourages readers to practice these chords every day and forgive us if we are not perfect. The effort is the most important. This book is a quick read (or listen) and should be read repeatedly if you really want to hold your chords with yourself. the concept is simple, the four agreements are understandable, the results are undeniable. However, the disciplined practice of consciousness and action is a monumental challenge. not because it`s complicated, but monumental, because it requires a complete rewriting of your deep-rooted thoughts and actions. . .


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