Stansted Agreement


If we are unable to provide a substantial portion of your arrangements after your departure, we will attempt to propose appropriate alternative arrangements, if possible, of a quality equivalent to or greater than that specified in the contract. If the alternative arrangements we make are of lower quality than the ones you originally booked, we will reduce prices. They can only reject the proposed alternative rules if they are not comparable to what we originally promised or if the price reduction we are proposing is insufficient. If we are unable to make appropriate alternatives or if you reject the alternative provisions proposed under this clause, we will pay you compensation, if any. If our initial agreement included repatriation, we will also provide you with equivalent transportation to your place of departure without undue delay or additional costs. On 16 September, Manchester Airports Group (MAG), london`s new owners Stansted, and low-cost airline Ryanair announced a new long-term growth agreement that will allow the airline to increase the number of passengers it serves at the airport from just over 13 million passengers a year to more than 18 million by 2018 , and nearly 21 million passengers a year by 2023. The new growth agreement comes only six months after MAG concluded its takeover of the airport. Ryanair, Stansted`s largest airline, which has served more than 140 destinations in the past 12 months, also announced four new routes from the airport for the summer of 2014. The new destinations – currently unserved from Stansted – are Lisbon, Bordeaux, Dortmund and Rabat (Morocco). Ken O`Toole, Chief Commercial Officer of M.A.G, said: “The new long-term agreement between Ryanair and MAG in Stansted shows that competition is really working and is good news for both passengers and UK businesses. The agreement guarantees Ryanair and Stansted a new and exciting era, and we are pleased to support the airline`s growth over the next ten years.

“We acquired Stansted in February of this year, thinking that we could significantly expand the offer by competing more effectively to harness the airport`s untapped potential and unused capabilities. We were convinced that Stansted would grow if we provided airlines with great value, a greater choice of passengers and better services and facilities. “This announcement, along with our $80 million investment in the terminal, confirms that Ryanair shares our confidence and shows how we are transforming Stansted under the new owner. Stansted has a truly bright future in providing international connectivity to the UK. “Over the next five years, M.A.G wants to make Stansted the best airport in London, so that we continue to compete with each other to win airline business in our quest for passenger growth and offer even more choice to customers.” Michael O`Leary, Chief Executive of Ryanair, said: “Ryanair is pleased to have concluded a new 10-year growth contract with MAG in London Stansted. With this agreement, our Stansted traffic will increase by more than 50%, from 13.2 million in 2012 to more than 20 million per year, in exchange for cost reductions and upgrades to Stansted facilities.

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