Seiu 1000 Tentative Agreement


ACSS praised the progress made by the Brown administration and former CalHR Director Richard Gillihan. In addition to general wage increases in 2017 and 2018, the administration has granted a general salary increase (GSI) of 3% effective October 1, 2016, as well as various specific salary adjustments for addressing the wage cut. The October 2016 GSI departed from current practice by making an IFG available to excluded staff before several trade union confederations entered into collective agreements. ACSS is committed to continuing to cooperate with CalHR and the next administration to ensure that excluded employees receive adequate and appropriate improvements in wages and performance. ACSS will review and analyze the preliminary agreement. We plan to obtain calHR to discuss the impact of this potential agreement on excluded employees related to SEIU trading units. THE ACSS is monitoring this issue closely and will continue to provide updates to executives and superiors who may be affected. There would have been a provisional agreement between L1000 and the state this weekend. As stated by SEIU Local 1000, the new interim agreement includes: a four-year contract between Kaiser Permanente and the Kaiser permanent union coalition would have 85,000 employees; The threat of strike action has been withdrawn. Listen to yourself today at 1:00 p.m.m ted Burnett of SEIU Local 1000 at the National Union of homeless “Project Survival: Housing Now, No More Death in the Streets!”. The 9.23% also seems to be deducted from our salaries after the SSA, not before what is written in the letter agreement. ACSS lawyers and legal team continue to advocate for the interests of excluded workers.

Since “budget bill bills” and bills authorizing agreements by high-level organizations will be subject to legislative approval and funding, ACSS will continue its aggressive representation of the interests of excluded individuals. While we await greater clarity on the adoption of the final state budget and the potential impact of collective bargaining, ACSS will continue to work with CalHR on wages and details of possible temporary reductions on workers` excluded earnings. In this context, much of it will depend on collective bargaining and agreements to reduce the Governor`s remuneration and action with respect to possible general wage increases and exceptional compensation adjustments as of July 1, 2020. The votes are in and according to SEIU Local 1000 voted about 90 percent of the population for the new treaty. The 42-month contract promises members a bonus of 2500 $US and a cumulative increase of 11.5%. The next step is the ratification of the legislative branch before the 96,000 civil servants represented by SEIU Local 1000 receive their bonus cheques. This event is for members and their families, so please sign up here to participate! www.seiu1000.org/post/womens-empowerment-committee-3 Local Agreement 1000 provides a roadmap for other bargaining units and sets out expectations for adjustments likely excluded from workers` compensation – a two-day staff program is partially offset by the suspension of workers` contribution to pre-financing of retirees` health care.

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