Nintendo Billing Agreement


By using or accessing the store or indicating your consent to these conditions, if the option is made available to you (z.B at the time of purchase), you agree to these conditions. If you do not accept these conditions, please do not buy products through the store. Notifications and procedures for copyright infringement claims. Nintendo respects the intellectual property of others and we ask users of Nintendo products and services to do the same. If you feel that your intellectual property rights have been violated, please visit www.nintendo.com/ippolicy to read our full policy and submit a withdrawal request. Your Wii console and Wii network service are not designed to be used with unauthorized software, services or devices or unauthorized accessories, and you cannot use them with your Wii console or Wii network service. Such use may be illegal, ends any warranty and constitutes a violation of this agreement. Such use can also result in injury to you or others, or cause performance problems or damage to your Wii console or Wii network service. We (and our licensees and distributors) are not liable for damage or loss caused by unauthorized software, services or equipment or unauthorized accessories. We can take steps to disable or remove unauthorized software, services or devices installed in your Wii console, for example. B by locating and disabling them via Wii network service and/or game software. If we recognize unauthorized software, services or devices, your access to the Wii network service may be disabled and/or the Wii console or games may not be playable. Your rights under this agreement will be immediately terminated if you do not comply with a provision of this Agreement.

When this contract is terminated, you will immediately stop using the Software. Our inability to insist on your strict compliance with this agreement or to enforce it does not constitute a waiver of our rights. Please visit support.nintendo.com/warranty for product information. If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact us by email. You can find the contact information for your local Nintendo customer support at contact.nintendo.eu. If you violate this agreement and we or any other company or person is harmed by your violation, you must compensate us (and our licensees, suppliers and employees) for any losses and expenses related to your violation, including our legal fees. You must also compensate us for claims related to third-party data that you have modified, created or sent. The code of conduct of the full Wii can be found on support.nintendo.com and reviewed by us at any time. If you don`t have access to the Internet, please contact Nintendo`s customer service department who will send you a recent version of the Wii`s code of conduct for free. All wholesale terms that are not defined in this Wii code of conduct have the meaning defined in the Wii Network Services user agreement.

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