Naeci Agreement Pay Rates


NaECI was concluded in 1981 as a labour regulation agreement for the entire mechanical engineering sector. Since then, many construction projects have been successfully completed with NAECI. However, NAECI is not just about new construction, as customers at a number of large industrial facilities support the use of NAECI for their long-term repair and maintenance work, as well as for breakdowns, turnarounds and events. Following a review of NAECI in 2018, a two-year contract was successfully concluded and NJC Communique 13 (18) provides full details of the new provisions as well as rate and pay increases for the period 2019-2020. NAECI is a national labour rule agreement that results from the collective bargaining process between the parties. The signatory parties jointly form the National Joint Council (JNC) responsible for overseeing the work of the NAECI. The NJC secretariat coordinates negotiations between the parties for the review of pay rates and other aspects of the agreement. However, NAECI is not content with rates of pay. It is not only a comprehensive and unwavering employment package, but it also provides a framework for managing working relationships with local and national infrastructure to solve individual and collective problems. NAECI is a comprehensive and normative agreement. Its strength lies in the fact that it creates a level playing field for wages, which reduces exploitable gaps and reduces the flight of jobs and poaching. Nationally agreed rates of pay mean that contractors do not apply on the basis of a reduction in wages, but on the quality of skills within their organization, namely their design, design, procurement, management and monitoring and, of course, their craft skills.

NJCECI 5th Floor Spirella House 266-270 Regent Street London W1B 3AH Members involved in naeci work can access labour relations and labour advice through the Association`s headquarters team. On large sites, eCIA Regional Manager offers members support and support in local working relationships. These experienced employees will also work with members in the event of maintenance or dismissal. The NAECI 2019 – 2020 is now available for free download. NatWest Account Number 24795585, sorting code 60-40-02, account name NJCECI You can pay by electronic bank transfer or BAC (depending on the case) and quote reference “NAECI Book” to: NAECI 2019 – 2020 Brochures are published in 2nd class, unless the first class is specifically requested. NAECI has been in existence since 1981. It is a proven agreement, but not a static document. It has constantly evolved to answer certain questions or changes in the market. Recent examples of the development of NAECI are the introduction of the conditional death benefit, which has eliminated the disruptive practice of stopping sympathy; and the launch of NAECI “Basic,” which facilitates the implementation of the agreement with less infrastructure, which could be more attractive to customers with smaller construction projects.

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