I’m Into – Hard and Shiny

Sometimes I think I only write fashion related posts to draw my loved ones’ attention to all of my favourite things. A sort of online, easy-to-use wish list if you will? As I’ve mentioned before, acquiring and sporting all things shiny, iridescent, pearlescent and ideally reflective has become something of a hobby of late and to be honest, I don’t have the time nor the funds to be amassing all of the things I covet. I’m talking box clutches here people and why not having one is akin to al fresco dining in February, or finding the Holy Grail and using it as an ashtray – it’s just not done.

Sure, a teeny tiny bejewelled clutch isn’t exactly what you’d call practical, but owning that room with something beautiful enough to be called ‘a conversation piece’ is worth leaving your eyeliner at home for. So join me, won’t you, down the path of all things hard, shiny and weird.

Benedetta Bruzziches 

This one’s for the #selfie sistas out there because it’s a mirror and lends itself to plenty of distinguished hashtags. ‘Living with my bitches #Live’ may be clever be ‘Selfies with my Speculum #SeeingDouble’ is definitely more #original and the flattering blue tinged hue means you won’t have to be worrying about not looking #tan.

Le Petit Joueurs

This is cool in an Ibiza five-years-ago way and channels a similar sort of vibe to wearing a Justin Bieber T-shirt or combat pants and flip-flops.


Nothing says ‘yes, I can party’ like a jelly, glow-in-the-dark accessory and this spiky numero is getting me all nostalgic. When high-end clutch meets Camden bong shop, I find it hard to resist and this is sure to get you noticed when the lights go outwherever you may be.

The Good Practice 

With even less calories (and space) than an actual D.C, this is something you can barely squeeze an iPhone intobut who cares? With hundreds of Swarovski crystals catching the light, attention seekers can reap the rewards of the gift-to-self that keeps on giving.

202 Factory 

Perpsex, pink and powerful. ‘Hi, I’m a girl and I can dominate you’.

Edie Parker

This is a more subtle and less ostentatious way to dabble in the pearlescent, food related novelty trend. It’s also larger than expected so you won’t have to choose between compact or iPhonepractical.


Awww bless! It’s a panda bag. How ‘Kawaii’ and edgy of us right? Yesyes, that’s right, it is.

The Good Practice 

I’d have gone nuts for it aged five and I go nuts for it today. The only difference is that these days I fully understand the shock value in diamante rainbows. Hasbo was right – there’s definitely no place like Ponyland, especially when it’s paved with compliments and originality.

Olympia Le Tan

Yes… just so many times, yes!


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