Green Juice So Loose – Three Day RAW PRESS Juice Cleanse

After a long summer of Whispering Angel, bar snacks and too many careless plates of linguine, I found myself in the kitchen hovering over a box of Maître Choux eclairs some sicko had bought me as a gift. Despite having just enjoyed a Sunday roast a mere two hours prior, coupled with a self-diagnosed gluten and lactose intolerance, I put away three of these magnificent gateau’s with absolutely no trouble at all.

Enough was enough. I couldn’t just run away to an ashram to starve myself every time I felt I was overdoing it. I decided that I needed to reinforce positive habits into my quotidian routine and re-embrace a friendly relationship with food as a LIFESTYLE rather than to remedy a few days of poor choices.


I’ve been doing the whole (apologies in advance for the C-wordy expression) “detox/retox” thing for a while now. Since returning from a health enlightening experience in India, I have since fallen back into my former live-fast-drink-wine ways. This basically means I eat as little as possible all day and then eat and drink with wild, YOLO abandon by night fall.


Back when I was living with my boyfriend, I would cook something healthy every evening and be in bed by 10.30pm. These days I’m averaging dinner with my friends Tuesday through Saturday and drinking a glass or two of wine along the way. I had to step back and realise that this wasn’t normal. Wine and dining out should be a treat and I needed to remind myself that it’s ok to take care of my body after sunset too.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my wish to reset. My good friends Venetia (CEO and Founder of the beauty bookings platform, Ruuby) and Milli (my gym bunny BFF and juice cleanse aficionado flatmate) decided we would all embark on a three-day juice cleanse with Raw Press to reset our over-toxified, post summer systems.

We all chronicled our experiences in detail on the Ruuby website which you can read here.


To summarise, I don’t believe juice cleanses to be as beneficial as some people laud them as and I certainly didn’t have much fun when I was doing it. I will say though that it was helpful in so far as it adjusted my mentality towards what I put into my body and made me sit back and re-evaluate my needs. Do I really need something sweet after every meal? Do I actually even enjoy wine? (Side note: after some deliberation on the matter, the answer is yes. A thousand times yes.)

I eventually decided I can live with liking those things without obsessing over it. The one thing the cleanse helped with was identifying my flagrant disregard for moderation and the need for mindfulness with my diet. Since the cleanse ended I’ve made a conscious effort to cook more, drink less and sleep early which you could say is the most positive outcome of all.


(Not recommended)

Of course, naturally I’ve had the occasional 2am finish and recently drank WAY too much wine on a bad date but my days of too-much-of-a-good-thing are behind me. I’ve not been this happy since 2014 and whilst the positive side effects of juicing are but a small contributing factor to this joy, my family and friends tell me that I’ve also never looked better. So thank you, Juice Press et al for your contribution. #BlessingsOnBlessings

I’ll leave you with a powerful mic drop in the form of a quote. Ann Wigmore, (the O.G of the raw food movement) once said: “the food you eat can either be one of the safest and most powerful forms of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.” Be like Ann – Think about it.

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    What is an example of your daily diet I’m so upset I binge eat every day scared to eat bread, pasta and cereal in a day .
    What is breakfast lunch and dinner

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