Laissez-Hair – A Guide to Insouciance

There are perhaps a handful of hairdressers who have blow dried my hair to my liking. I normally never bother unless i’m getting it coloured or cut. I just end up annoyed at myself for wasting money then end up rewashing and redoing it myself. Granted I used to favour the sort of hair I usually see in a Mayfair basement but these days, the idea of a big and bouncy, “f*** off, i’m rich” style blozza makes me sad. I’m all about my hair saying “whatever” and for the last few weeks, this super simple method has delivered the ultimate in insouciance. The great thing about this, is that it lasts for ages and requires very little heat styling. In fact all you’ll need for Giselle like waves are two hair ties, a curling iron and a little patience.
First you begin with wet hair. Part it the middle or wherever you normally wear it and tie it in two tight plaits starting from just below the tip of your ears. Pull out the weaves a little to make it less uniform and leave them to air dry. This requires a little patience but if you’re in a rush then you can use a hairdryer to rough dry it before plaiting.
Once its dry, undo the plaits, making sure you don’t run your fingers through it. Frizzy isn’t foxy so to diffuse the waves, simply rub the roots of your hair very gently whilst you tilt your head to one side.
It will look a bit lacklustre and flat at this point but the volume will be added in the following steps.
Next take a thick curling iron and curl random sections of hair starting from the root. Normally I don’t condone any activity above the ear but as you’re only doing a few pieces, it’s vital for getting a bit of lift and texture.
More time for pre-hoon Negroni’s of course.
By this point it should look full and textured but most importantly, like not a single finger was lifted in its making. This hairstyle is your best friend when you’re wearing something really smart. I can’t tell you how upset I get when I see a beautiful dress being worn with Daffodil Louboutins and a giant Kim Kardashian-esque blowdry. It’s not only high maintenance and intimidating, it’s also pretty ageing. This look is natural and even though it requires minimal effort, the effects are long lasting and really easy to achieve. Give it a go today for carefree hair that will last all weekend. Laissez-hair, the gift that keeps on giving…
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